Michael & Hushi's T-Shirts

My devotion to Michael & Hushi is no secret, however their t-shirts are often overlooked and my fixation on them will not allow this any longer.


Before we had Stella McCartney's airbrushed tees shown in her spring 1999 collection for Chloe, we had Michael and Hushi's. My sources have even told me that prior to that Chloe collection, Stella McCartney and Liv Tyler were seen in the Michael & Hushi store circa 1997/1998 buying some of their air brushed baseball tees. Fashion folklore? I'll leave that up to you to decide. 

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The most tragic thing is that I have not been able to find any of these pieces for my own collection. I have been desperately trying to convince Hushi to somehow remake a skirt he made that went along with the tops. Yes, they made skirts and dresses to go along with this collection and they are so mouth watering. Ms. Carrie Bradshaw even wore one! 

Season 2, Episode 7 of Sex and the City

Photos from Go Maju Go by Motoko

I believe they were still under the the name Sears & Robot, which was a reference to Sears and Roebuck. Sears was not a fan of the play on words and sent them a cease and desist letter which brought us to their namesake label, Michael & Hushi. 

They also made quite a few of Brad Pitt's tees and tanks in Fight Club. When Giuliani began to crack down on sex shops in New York in the 90s, Hushi bought up as much old porn as he could and with this, the porn shirt was born. Adriana Lima even wore one! Brad also wore one of Hushi's soccer tanks which featured Iranian soccer players as well as the hustler top, and a moto tee. 

actually, let's talk about fight club — god i love the reading of fight  club where tyler...

My point being, Michael and Hushi have always been it and will always be it. They were far ahead of their time and deserve so much more recognition which is why I will never cease to shut the fuck up about them. 

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