Nico & Adrian Spring 2004

Nico & Adrian's spring 2004 collection. 

It feels wrong to still love lace as much as I do but I can't help it. There are aspects of this collection that I have seen in the work of so many new designers as of recently. I think this is why I feel the guilt of still loving lace. It's hard to continue to love something like this when we have seen it a million times over online.

In this, I see Vegas, I see a few of those lace pieces from McQueen's spring 1999 show, I even see Marie Antoinette. What I don't want to see is the muddled down version of this certain designers have flooded the internet with. What is even more frustrating is that these images probably were completely unknown to them. Maybe not but regardless, the world is small now. We are so overwrought with images that we lose sources. The internet has saved and somehow ruined fashion all at once. We are over served our daily dose of what was once considered holy.


I cannot (as someone who's social media is all about fashion) escape runway images, commentary, videos. It's all I see online no matter how much I try to avoid it. How do I protect my sources of inspiration from the new world of fashion? Why does this matter? Why do I need to protect them? I don't know honestly. I keep tying it back to individualism because it is so hard to feel like an individual now.

We can be anything and show anything. When we share something, it spreads. It loses this sense of exclusivity which has become such a taboo word. Everyone should have everything on demand now right? No, this is why fashion is moving so quickly now. We have everything we could ever want, we are spoiled rotten.

I say all of this but here I am contradicting myself. My job is to share, I am sharing right now, I make videos and spread information. I love doing this, why does it also make me feel like I am letting go of a deep secret? Is it really so bad? I want to say no but I cannot deny how weird it feels. It's not the spreading of knowledge that hurts, it's the lack of reinterpretation. We have too many subcultures in fashion, if I hear the word "core" one more time I might explode. Maybe individualism and fashion are dead. All we have left are these forgotten images. 

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